Bimbo Esho

I am grateful to God Almighty for his benevolence in your life and giving you as a special gift to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Your services, active passion and commitment in the quest for discovering, nurturing and mentoring creative talents is worthy of both commendation and emulation. And on behalf of the teeming youths whose lives have been transformed by encountering your positive essence, I say a very big thank you.

While looking forward to more collaborations between you, your Company- Evergreen Music Company- and the National Theatre this year and beyond, I use the occasion of your birthday to also appreciate your well publicised efforts during the Thriller Bandz Live Challenge of last year which held at the National Theatre. It was indeed a testament to how much the public and private sector can achieve in the creative and entertainment industry if we work together in mutual understanding. We at the National Theatre also express sincere gratitude for your attitude of support of such gargantuan magnitude during the 2nd Edition of the National Theatre Festival of Unity last year.

Under your leadership, the preservation of Nigeria’s music treasure by the Evergreen Music Company delights all and sundry as you have brought insightful artistry to bear on the onerous task; you are indeed a gem of a blessing to the industry!

On this note, I wish you the best birthday ever in good health, sound mind, ease of creativity and longevity.

Prof. Sunday E. Ododo, fsonta, fta, fsna, fana, FNAL,

GM/CEO, National Theatre, Nigeria

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