An Abuja High Court has ordered Controversial Nigerian Betting company, KC Gaming Networks Limited, the owners of Bet9ja to pay the total sum of Three Million, Six Hundred and Twenty Six thousand and eight hundred Naira to Mr Christopher Nwobi for bets he won in 2017.

Mr Nwobi had on 1st and 2nd September 2017 placed bets with Bet9ja and won a total sum of 3.4 million but the betting company refused to pay him his winning.After many attempts to get his winning failed, Mr Nwobi through his lawyers dragged the betting company to Nigerian Lottery commission. The commission ordered the gaming company to pay the complainant but the company brazenly ignored the direction of the lottery commission.

Mr Nwobi, armed with the direction of the Lottery Commission proceeded to Abuja High Court claiming more than 300 Million Naira in damages and this forced the betting company to plead for settlement.Justice OC Agbaza of the FCT High Court citing the settlement terms of the parties ordered the betting company to pay Mr Nwobi the total sum of Three Million, Six Hundred and Twenty Six thousand and Eight hundred Naira being the bet win and damages.

Bet9ja a controversial betting company has acquired notoriety for refusing to pay any substantial win by its customers. Usually taking advantage of Nigeria’s cumbersome legal redress system, the company routinely declines paying any substantial win by its customers knowing that many of the customers may not be able to afford the legal services of a lawyer.

BarristerNG gathered that in 2018 world cup, the betting company refused to pay the winnings of thousands of its customers that won bets claiming that the customers did not observe their “terms and conditions”

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