~By Oluwaseun Fabiyi


A good chunk of what makes a person, is what he/she takes in or eat. What one takes in intellectually counts a lot, but what one takes in as food,is a factor to consider even for intellectual development.


We now live in a world where the crave to make wealth at the expense of other people’s health and wellbeing is becoming the order of the day.


Little or no wonder;why there are arrays of diseases spreading around, because of the junks people consume in the name of food. Many of the additives are preservatives bakers and food drink producers use for their products are killer.


Nevertheless, there is a bakery and pastry giant that stands out.Their foods and cookies do not contain killer chemicals. They have been tried and proven over time:


For an 100% bromate-free breads,cookies or pastries, count on *ADEAGBO HERYTAGE LTD!*


They have faithfully served in all their branches with utmost integrity and trust, putting humanity and health first. As such, the prices of their products are pocket friendly.


ADEAGBO HERYTAGE LTD is situated at No 1,Adeagbo Avenue,Iyana Ajia Road,Elebolo Bus-stop, Ibadan,Oyo state.


When next you think of bakery and pastry business, think of ADEAGBO HERYTAGE LTD!

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