The tranquil community of Adunbun, nestled in the heart of Itori, Ewekoro, Ogun State, has been thrust into a nightmare of fear and destruction as the reign of terror by land grabbers continues unabated. Led by the notorious Owoeye, popularly known as Baba Owoeye, a gang of hoodlums has been wreaking havoc, leaving a trail of shattered homes and traumatized indigenes in their wake.

The Shocking Testimony of Baale Kayode Falola

Visiting Baale Kayode Falola at the hospital, where he is slowly recovering from the brutal attack, revealed chilling details of that fateful night. In his statement, Falola recounted the horrors of the attack, providing a vivid account of how over 30 gang members stormed his home under the cover of darkness. He affirmed the involvement of Baba Owoeye and the already imprisoned Mojeed Enitinwa. However, the shocking revelation was the inclusion of another name, Nasiru, whom Falola identified as a key participant in orchestrating the attack. Moreover, Falola disclosed that the attackers had made a phone call to Mojeed Enitinwa immediately after the assault, indicating that he was still in touch with the criminal activities.


Community’s Cry for Help Grows Louder

The resilience of Adunbun community has been on display as community leaders and residents have taken to the streets, holding placards and raising their voices in protest. Their cries for help have reached the ears of security officials and even the governor of the state, as they fervently demand urgent intervention. The placards boldly bear the names of the three figures implicated in the attack: Baba Owoeye, Mojeed Enitinwa, and Nasiru. The community’s determination to seek justice is evident as they rally together, refusing to be silenced by fear.


Unraveling The Puppeteer Behind The Curtain

As more details surface, it becomes increasingly clear that Mojeed Enitinwa, once thought to be the mastermind, was merely a pawn in the hands of the true ring leader, Baba Owoeye. The revelation of Nasiru’s involvement adds a layer of complexity to the already convoluted situation. The coordination and communication displayed by the attackers, even with one of their alleged leaders behind bars, is a testament to the organized nature of this criminal enterprise.


A Battle for Adunbun’s Soul

Adunbun community, once a haven of tranquility, is now embroiled in a battle for its very existence. The ongoing reign of terror orchestrated by Baba Owoeye and his accomplices has left the residents living in constant fear and uncertainty. The attack on Kayode Falola, who still fights to recover from his injuries, stands as a symbol of the community’s struggle. With their homes destroyed and their lives shattered, the indigenes of Adunbun are not backing down. Their determination to reclaim their community and find solace in the midst of chaos remains unshakeable.


A Ray of Hope Amidst Darkness

As the pleas for justice echo through the corridors of power, the spotlight intensifies on the need for swift and decisive action. The involvement of multiple actors and the continued threat posed by the land grabbers highlight the urgency of the situation. Adunbun community’s unity and perseverance, coupled with the support of concerned citizens and authorities, offer a glimmer of hope that justice will prevail. The story of Adunbun is far from over, and the world watches with bated breath as this battle for justice unfolds on both the streets and in the hearts of its people.

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