His Excellency, Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the in-coming president of the Federal republic of Nigeria. He’s capable of ensuring political and economic stability. He’s qualified for the presidential position because of the following *factors* :

1. Age : he has lived long years, knows the problems of Nigeria and how to tackle it. Also, a person of his age will never make false promises to the nation because of what the Yorubas call “atubotan”.

2. Wealth : he’s rich on his own. Thus, he won’t embezzle the public funds.

3. Education : he’s not an illiterate, he can express himself verbally and orally during his tenure in office.

4. Intelligence : he’s got ideas to implement with the public funds for a greater transformation.

5 .International relationships: this will foster economic growth and development.

6. Interest of the majority : he cares about the masses.

7. Enthusiasm : his readiness devotions.

Baba is NOT a minor, he can vote and can be voted for . He’s also sane and sound for the position.

He’s capable of reforming Nigeria politically and economically.

Someone who’s the baba-isale of Lagos as a state can be the baba-oke of Nigeria as as a nation.

Let’s help him get there with our campaigns and votes.


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