A Former President of Total E&P Cooperative Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian business executive, coach, and speaker, Wale Olasoji has called on Nigerian Youths to rekindle their hope in the country, stressing that hopefully even the ASUU/ Federal Government saga would be amicably resolved.

The Senior Pastor of the Living Impact Christian Centre, LICC, Wale Olasoji stated this during an exclusive interview with a correspondent of the Africa Security Investigation News on Friday in Lagos.

In his words, “What I will say to young people is that it’s not time to give up on the nation. The truth is a lot of people have given up on the country. A lot of people have alleged that there will not be an election, or it will not be free and fair. Well, let’s give it a benefit of the doubt to the government. Let’s come out in mass and vote for someone you truly believe in. Don’t vote for someone who thinks can buy your conscience, don’t vote for someone because they gave you money. Try and look at the candidates, look at what they can offer to the nation, and then take a decisive decision on who best to cast your vote for”.

Reacting to the increasing level of criminality in the Nigerian community, Wale Olasoji shared blames on the government, parents, and the youths for playing positively to the ugly rise in crime.

However, he urged the Nigerian government to look inward to fine-tuning the system in such a way it would be favourable for its youths, as, in his opinion, the youths have a large number engaged in crime perpetration in any community.

While advising the youths and parents, he said, “We have gotten to the point where you have to take your future into your own hands and the beauty of this is, you do not have to wait for anyone. The Government shouldn’t be allowed to define your future. No doubt the environment needs to be enabling enough for you to be able to chart a course. But with the internet, the world is a global village you can literally chart a course for yourself. I’m encouraging young people to find role models, and mentors out of people who are doing stuff, and are doing it well. There are vast opportunities all across the globe today. You only need to look for someone who can show you the way and if you get it right. The life will be right for you”, he added.

The pioneer member of the Global CEO for Africa, an executive education by IESE, Spain, in conjunction with Lagos Business School, Nigeria, and Strathmore Business School, Kenya, Wale Olasoji while outlining suggestions on how insecurity could be curbed, he has this to say, ” when the young people have things to do, when they’re gainfully employed, when you engage them actively, they’re going to channel their strength appropriately. Now they are strong, young people are strong people, no dull moments, so they’re going to be able to channel their strength into profitable engagements and some of the kidnappings, insecurity we see today Will begin to reduce”.


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