The controversy surrounding the missing university certificate of the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has finally been laid to rest.


Earlier today (Monday), June 4 a photobook of the Chicago State University surfaced on social media.


The photo book in a black and white vintage appearance had images of graduating students with Bola Ahmed Tinubu featuring in the photobook.



In what looks like an old photo book, Tinubu’s image and name appeared in it. Although his name spelt as “Bola .A. Thubv”.


Newsflash Nigeria had earlier reported that the Chicago State University affirmed that Tinubu indeed attended the University.
Lauren Finch, a spokeswoman for Chicago State University, said Mr Tinubu attended the University.


“We have checked with our legal department and we cannot give you more than the information we have already provided,”Ms Finch said.


“Mr Tinubu attended our school and graduated on June 22, 1979. We can only say when he came in and when he graduated.”


Following the repeated allegations, Farooq Kperogi, a United States-based Nigerian lecturer, said he reached out to a colleague of mine at the Chicago State University to help him verify if Tinubu graduated from the school.


The colleague, after verifying from the Registrar’s office, shared the university’s response.


“In light of renewed doubts about Tinubu’s qualifications, I again reached out to a colleague of mine at the Chicago State University to help me verify if Tinubu graduated from the school.


“She told me he did but said she’d go ask at the Registrar’s office. She shared this with me,”he wrote on Twitter.


University confirms Tinubu graduated Caleb Westberg, who is in charge of the office of Records and Registration of Chicago State University, confirmed Tinubu’s attendance in the terse email response on Monday, June 27.


He also confirmed that Tinubu was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with Honours.


The email reads: “To whom it may concern “Please be advised that Bola. A. Tinubu attended Chicago State University from August 1977 – June 1979.


He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with Honours on June 22, 1979. His major was accounting.”


Two weeks ago, Mr Tinubu disclosed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that he did not attend primary and secondary schools.

The disclosure was made via an affidavit submitted by Mr Tinubu to the electoral body as part of his eligibility filings for the 2023 presidential elections.


The documents made public last Friday showed that Tinubu left the columns for his primary and secondary education unmarked.


However, Mr Tinubu noted his degree in business and administration in 1979 received from the Chicago State University.


The former Lagos governor claimed he was on self-exile from October 1994 to October 1998 and that his credentials had been stolen from his home before he returned.


“When I returned I discovered that all my property, including all the documents relating to my qualifications and my certificates in respect of paragraph three above, were looted by unknown persons,”said Mr Tinubu.


The current claims made by the APC chieftain are at odds with previous declarations made by him.


In 1999 and 2003, when Mr Tinubu ran for office as a governorship candidate in Lagos, he claimed both times that he attended primary and secondary schools.


He said he attended St Paul Children’s Home School, Ibadan, between 1958 to 1964; while his secondary education was at Government College, Ibadan, between 1965 to 1968. From Ibadan, Mr Tinubu said he went to Richard Daley College, Chicago, from 1969 to 1971.




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