Sequel to the production of the movie Ayinla Omowura powered by the industry icon himself, Tunde Kelani has led the family of the late legendary Ayinla Omowura to get engaged in a family rift.

It was recorded that Ayinla Omowura who was the son of Yusuff Gbogbolowo a blacksmith and wuramotu morenike doesn’t have a formal education, but however joined his father’s smithy business and left after a while to get engaged in several works till he was discovered by Adewole Alao Oniluola who eventually later became his lead drummer.

Having caught a glimpse of Omowura in his neighborhood as a child, the legendary Director and Producer, Tunde Kelani who is also an ABEOKUTA native made a movie eponymously and titled it “Ayinla Omowura” which was released on June 18, 2021, which has however caused a rift between the family members in terms of signing of agreements and monetary issues.

In a bid to settle the discrepancies between the family, some journalists earlier this week got engaged with the family members whom Ayinla Omowura’s daughter Halimat Omowura happens to be the spokesperson. She explained that the Tunde Kelani’s production gave the Ayinla Omowura’s family the sum of One million naira for the production of the movie and which Halimat Ayinla Omowura and other family members signed the proposal letter for the family unconsciously before the production of the movie as their signature of consents.

However, the rest of the family felt hard to be convinced that Halimat didn’t receive more than the sum of One million naira from Tunde Kelani’s production. It was recorded that some of the family members challenged her of getting more than that, and which she has decided to keep all to herself. The family of Ayinla Omowura has however been on constant trial to get in touch with Tunde Kelani for complaints of the amount paid to the family and for further clarification as well, but which all trials to get in touch with him has been proving abortive. Till the time of filing this report, the dispute is still on in the family as there have not been proper trust actions that Tunde Kelani indeed paid the family that particular amount of money which the family actually expected more.

Halimat Ayinla Omowura who was painted to have sold the family right through her ignorance have been in deep regrets since the production of the movie and which the family are yet to believe her innocence. Following the death of her father in the year 1980, Halimat and other Fuji music icons, such as Oyetola Oniwide a Professor and a radio presenter, Sefiu Alao a Fuji musician has took to the studio to record an album titled “Anigilaje” that was released in the memory of Ayinla Omowura’s 40th year anniversary of his death.

As situation thrives, 1steleven9jatv will bring more updates to the desk of her viewers but however till date, seldom would you find a musician who has Ayinla Omowura’s kind of lacerating lyrics, as that lacuna might not and has yet to be filled by any other musician.

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