Temilade Kosoko, the youngest daughter of veteran Nollywood actor Jide Kosoko, has opened up about the challenges she faced as an actress in the industry due to her father’s fame.


Temi revealed that while being the child of a famous actor has its advantages, it also has its downsides.


She expressed her frustration with people who attribute her success to her father’s influence, saying that she has worked hard to build her career and establish herself as a talented actress.


According to Temi, she has met most of the people she knows in the entertainment industry through her own efforts, without relying on her father’s connections.


She also talked about her mother, who passed away a few years ago, and how much she misses her.

She said; “First of all, I am glad to finally finish school after six years, even though it was supposed to be four years. And life after school has been almost the same because in truth I am just coming out of it, I can’t really say much about what is going to be right now. But It is not like I have not been in the industry before, the major difference now is just that I would have more time for my career.


“It is a long story; I wish I could speak more about this privately. Being Jide Kosoko’s daughter has had negative and positive side effects on me and my career. On the good side, I have been able to network better, although most of the people I know, I got to know them myself and not through my father.


“My dad barely introduces me to anybody. I don’t really like it when people attach me or my success to my dad. I tell people that being the daughter of a celebrity has done more harm than good to me. First of all, It usually makes people have an impression about you that’s totally wrong.



“Many people see you, and they automatically think you’re proud, so before you can even prove to them that you’re not they are already giving you attitude. There are so many places that I work into and once they know that I’m Jide Kosoko’s daughter they all just start giving me attitude.”


“When it comes to being featured or starred in movies, they almost always expect you to do more. Even if you’re doing it perfectly and you get the role, you will hear people say things like, ehn she got it because she’s the daughter of this and that. This is not true because I have actually put in the effort to get the role. Though to be honest the name accords me a lot of respect,” she said.


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The beautiful and budding actress shared matching photos of herself and her assumed husband in traditional attire, all geared up for a lovely shoot.


Temilade Kosoko also shared different videos on her Instagram page, where she and her supposed lover were spotted in the western bridal outfit, getting glammed up for a wedding.



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