The Former Labour Party Presidential Aspirant, Oluwadare Joseph Faduri, has replied the supporters of the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, who took to social media to attack and called him names after analysing the basic facts that made Obi loosed his chance at the just concluded presidential election in Nigeria.


A week to the election, Faduri released a press statement, saying that the blames should be put on Peter Obi if Labour Party failed to win the election.


Days after the election that made APC’s Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu the President-elect, Joseph wrote an open letter to Peter Obi, reminding him of the initial statement made about the party’s failure to win the election. This letter was published in several national newspapers.


Obi’s supporters, who believed that Faduri was not right to have made such statement in his open letter, took to their various social media accounts to criticize the United States of America based Entertainer turned Politician.


In his response to the critics, Joseph said, “As a Democrat and a leader who wants a new Nigeria and working toward it, I won’t drag issue with many Obedients who are ranting online but let me make myself clear to every one. One thing is sure that I am ranked number 1 Obidient before any of you.


“Firstly, I am the main owner of the ticket he Peter Obi has today and the person that stepped-down for him, not even the kangaroo Pat Utomi’s arrangement. Go and verify.


“Secondly. I am the man that woke up the sleeping Labour Party that you are all supporting today. You can verify that as well.


I am the young man that started the rescue movement that later became the Obidient movement you all joined today. Go to Labour Partt and verify.


“I am the man before the election who saw the handwriting on the wall that if we are not careful, we will lose this election with all our movement, go and check my publications and verify. Now the party lost it.


So, if I see what went wrong and spoke about it, It’s my opinion, I am entitled to it. Some says its too early and i disagree with that. There’s no time that is too early, it is better to speak openly about it so we can correct upcoming elections, I wanted us to win but we came up short because of our negligence especially from Peter Obi.


“A lot of you do not know the basics of politics, that was why we lost to Tinubu. So, I will continue to call out our leaders where I needed to.


I do not need money from Obi, i spent over N100million Naira from my pocket. Paid for Presidential form and campaign all over Nigeria without Godfather before Obi came to hijack my ticket with money and rigged me out. Go and verify so that if I am talking today I talk with authority because I can. Coming online to attack me is foolishness.


Some say I must have collected money from APC or PDP. I laughed because you don’t know me, go and ask about me. I directed all my followers across the 36 states and Abuja to vote Obi and I voted him too.


I am simply a young Nigerian who yearn for good governance not playing tribal politics, a man who believes in the new Nigeria’s Agenda and that I will continue to do.

So, enough of throwing attacks.


“I am fighting for a Nation that will work for everyone, so let’s continue together to fight for this new Nigeria, Continue to participate in all elections. Let’s kick tribal or religion bigotry out of our politics.


“I see a great Nation ahead. tihe movement for a great Nation is not about Peter Obi. It’s about the Youth, the children and the unborn generation after us, so we must continue to pursue it and some day we will achieve the Nigeria we want. The Nigeria that will work for everyone not just a few set of people. I remain Faduri O. Joseph, a patriot to the cause of a new Nigeria.

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