Surulere youth in Lagos has vowed to come out in masse to vote out actor cum politician Desmond Elliot, during the upcoming state elections from his political post as a lawmaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Surulere Constituency.


The youth are still angry with him, because ever since Desmond Elliot was sworn into office on 11 April 2015, he hasn’t produced any positive outcome, especially in Surulere. To make matters worse, he turned his back on the youths during the END Sars protest in 2020, by pushing for a bill to regulate and control speech on social media at the Lagos State house of assembly.


1. The youth are ready to deal with him, the youths have thrown their weight behind Labour Party’s candidate and actor, Olumide Oworu who is set to contend with his senior colleague, Desmond Elliott to represent Surulere Constituency at Lagos House of Assembly


“This is the high time to teach Desmond a lesson of his life sebi na we he called children 2years ago and the children are now adult now that can vote him out, we moveeee Olumide for surulere constituency ” one Amina wrote.


“By the time we are done with Desmond Elliot and retire him from politics, he’ll be begging Kunle Afolayan for a movie role where he’ll be fanning the Igwe” one Victor wrote.


“Desmond has been useless to surulere, we are voting him out this time” one Samson wrote


Desmond Elliott has been in the seat of power for two terms and is considering running for a third time, however, this time, he now has an opponent to contend with for his seat at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Surulere Constituency.


His junior colleague, Olumide Oworu declared his interest to contest for his position by sharing a flyer and a lengthy post declaring his intention to run for Desmond Elliott’s position.


Olumide, who wants a change, in his official statement announcing his declaration, revealed his passion for youths and service to Nigerians.


“It is with a sense of honour and duty that I announce my candidacy for membership of The Lagos State House of Assembly – Surulere Constituency 1 on the platform of The Labour Party. The youth of this generation in Nigeria are more politically aware than ever and are now striving to have our voices heard and take part in the government process of this great country.


As someone with a passion for youth development, it is on this note that I tender myself in service to play my part in the actualization of an all-inclusive government, where the young Nigerian intellectuals have a chance to make a change by being a part of the move for the creation of a new Nigeria. Thank you for your support. A new Nigeria is possible.”



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