Bet, many Nigerians don’t know that famous disc jockey, Oluwaforijimi Amu, popularly known as DJ Jimmy Jatt was operated of kidney disease.

Jimmy Jatt made the shocking revelation in a video documentary he shared via his Instagram page.

He wrote; “My father used the difference between cars & humans to teach me a lesson in humility.”

“If you broke cars down, you would find a difference in horse power, number of plugs & exhausts, gear systems etc but dissecting any two humans would reveal the same 206 bones, 1 heart, 2 kidneys, 1 skull… etc.”

“So pomposity makes no sense & that has been my creed all my life. We are all the same.”

“But this experience has reinforced the fact that we all also do share the frailty of life in common. No one is promised tomorrow.”

“A very successful kidney transplant (exactly 6months today) has futher deepened my appreciation for life’s most important things & gratitude to God.”

“My gratitude joyfully extends to the management and staff of @zenithmedicalandkidneycentre for the most professional execution of the surgery. The warmth and reassurance of the entire team was immeasurable.”

I cannot imagine pulling through this without my angels. My wife, my daughters, I love you beyond any words say. And to my siblings, where do I begin to thank you.”

“My friends for an amazing support system.”

“To anyone battling kidney disease, this is not the end and to all donors & care givers. Keep staying God sent.”

“To fans and business partners, DJ Jimmy Jatt has never been cooler! Hop on, the ride continues.”

See also the video documentary below…

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