One of the vital organs in the body system of every woman is her mammalian gland. It is the major organ in the body that contains natural milk that babies are fed with. However, there are so many things that could affect the mammalian gland such as foods, lifestyle changes, and above all intercourse. An intimate relationship between a male and female is what is deemed intercourse.



Over the years, a lot of controversies have popped up both online and offline regarding the effect intercourse has on the mammalian gland. In this piece in line with a publication on “”, we are going to have some looks at the effect of intercourse on the mammalian gland.


According to experts, it has been found that engaging in intercourse regularly can support blood flow to your mammalian gland which may allow women to experience swelling of the mammalian gland during intimacy. Although this experience is completely natural and normal as it does not indicate any serious medical problems. Sometimes, due to the discharge of intercourse hormones, these symptoms can also occur.



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