1STELEVEN9JATV gathered that there was a mild drama at the popular Kano-road, Kaduna on Wednesday, when some group of beggars, rejected old 1,000 naira notes gifted them by a good Samaritan.



According to DailyPost correspondent who witnessed the drama narrated that a young was accosted by three beggars on wheelchairs as he alighted from a bus, realising they were asking for handouts, the man took a N1000 note from his wallet and stretched it towards the most senior beggar among the three.


However, in a rather hilarious reaction, the beggars looked at themselves, swivelled their wheelchairs around and moved away from the young man, rejecting his offer.


Speaking to onlookers, the young man who identified himself as Caleb, said “they (beggars), came to me, asking for alms. I gave them what i had on me but they rejected it.”



The young man explained that he only had the old currency notes and have not been able to get the new ones despite his efforts.

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