In response to recent allegations circulating on social media, Former Presidential Aspirant under Labour Party’s platform, Faduri Joseph has confirmed that the claims of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu utilizing Pat Utomi to disrupt Labour Party’s primary are entirely false. This fabricated story, evidently designed to grab attention and sow discord, has been debunked by verifiable facts surrounding Utomi’s involvement in Labour Party.

According to him, “First and foremost, it is crucial to clarify that Pat Utomi had never declared his candidacy for Labour Party presidency prior to the entry of Peter Obi into the party. Utomi’s decision to step down during an event in Asaba was unrelated to any supposed threat to Obi’s campaign. Rather, it was a personal choice made by Utomi himself, and his presence alongside Obi at the event was coincidental.

“The candidate who held the Labour Party ticket and required extensive persuasion from the party to step down was a separate individual, not Pat Utomi. Utomi’s alleged role in this matter is simply a product of misinformation and unfounded speculation.

“For those who may question Utomi’s intentions and loyalty, it is worth noting that he never had any association with Labour Party prior to Obi’s entrance. Any insinuations suggesting that Utomi was part of a calculated plan orchestrated by Obi or Tinubu are completely baseless and lack factual grounding.

“Moreover, it is important to highlight that Utomi’s declaration for the presidency, should it occur, has no bearing on the false accusations circulating online. The responsibility lies with those spreading these rumors to provide substantial evidence and disclose the alleged date of Utomi’s Labour Party ticket acquisition, as claimed. Failure to do so only serves to further discredit their unfounded claims.

“In conclusion, the allegations that Bola Tinubu utilized Pat Utomi to disrupt Labour Party primary are unequivocally false. The narrative surrounding Utomi’s involvement is a fabrication, as he was neither a Labour Party aspirant prior to Obi’s arrival nor a threat to Obi’s campaign. It is crucial to rely on accurate information and fact-checking to avoid falling victim to sensationalized misinformation and malicious attempts to gain unwarranted popularity.

“As responsible journalists, we encourage individuals to verify the credibility of information before accepting and sharing it widely. The dissemination of false news only serves to undermine public trust and perpetuate an environment of division and falsehoods, Faduri claimed.

It will interest you to know that, the only person who held the Presidential ticket of the party then was Faduri Joseph, who was forced to step down for Peter Obi when Labour Party leadership saw that Faduri Joseph had a grip of the party nationally and if not forced out or begged to Step-down, Peter won’t come victorious in the primary.

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