Temitope Zainul-Abedeen Tijani (TZAT) a native of Ibadan, oyo state who’s based In Ewu Town, Oshodi/Isolo local government area and a national coordinator and convener of Progressive Like Mind Movement  in Nigeria on one of the most beautiful show on Eko Online Radio.




The topic Reshaping Lagos socio-economic development come 2023 and Beyond, the need for a true democratic government being discussed with TZAT, He said a true democratic government is a government which people are all involved , involvement of professionals, politicians, business owners and all resident of Lagos state. He further mentioned that when people are involved in democracy, they are welcomed to make their contributions for the development of the state so that the state can move forward and both the visitors and resident will benefit from the development by the sitting government of the state.




Another question raised was if Mr. Tijani sees Governor Sanwo Olu running sustainable governance comes 2023. TZAT said he believed he’s doing that and also his predecessors right from the creation of Lagos state but the trend changed and the system was reengineered and improved when the All Progressive congress national leader and party flag bearer Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu came on board in 1999, he brought many ideas and laid the foundation, if we remembered that democracy was restored in 1999 after the departure of military rule in Nigeria.


So he had laid the foundation, the blueprint have been there, successors have been following the blueprint, the blueprint have been implemented and Lagos have been rapid in development and economy everybody knows that Lagos State is the fifth largest economy in Africa and the developmental projects too is everywhere then in 1999 the transport system was so poor, it’s no too welcoming because if you are going to work you have to run after a molue, we call it a molue, it was supposed to be built for a truck but Nigerians with their ideas they converted it to a bus which we call molue in Lagos, if you wake up early in the morning you will see it.


People running after molue they want to board and if you want to disembark too you have to run and jump you have to jump down and run again when you want to disembark too from the bus so when Asiwaju came we have LMPF before Asiwaju but when Asiwaju came we brought another concept the successor Barrister Babatunde Raji Fashola brought BRT too, Ambode brought another one so we’ve been complementing each other that’s on transportation



On structural development then Makoko was then end of Lagos Island that’s V.I when you are going towards Epe but when Asiwaju came he opened that Axis we have less development there now that Lekki Epe Expressway it’s one of the most expent axis in Africa today so it has been there the educational ideas, health ideas when Asiwaju came he brought in a free eye test, eye treatment eyeglasses. He stated.

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