In an exclusive interview with King of Fuji Music and Mayegun of Yorubaland, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal on Friday, the Fuji Icon speaks about God’s faithfulness in his life, Nigeria politics, why southwestern people needs to support Tinubu ahead 2023 presidential election, his rift with Ambode, hope for Sanwo-Olu on second term, the Fuji Messiah not knowing the National leader of his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) will return to Nigeria on that faithful day.
Speaking with newsmen, Mayegun gave thanks to Almighty Allah for his faithfulness in his life and the favour he got from God, he said this based on grace God gave him.

On Nigeria politics and southwestern people supporting Tinubu ahead 2023 Presidential ambition, K1 flashed-back to how Obafemi Awolowo and MKO Abiola failed to become the President of Nigeria, he said this are the people that really meant well for Nigeria as one and they are from the west, but they failed because they didn’t get support from their people in the west.

In the case of Tinubu he urged them to please come together and form a united front so the presidency can come to the south.

Exonerating Tinubu, Mayegun said Asiwaju is the only living politician in Nigeria who has touched lives in all the regions and has made something out of nothing in so many people.
When asked that if the northerners fail to return power to the south, what will happen? Mayegun looked at the newsmen and said they will never try that, he spitted fire by saying , “it is that period they will know the stuff we are made from”.

He recalled the role of Bola Ahmed Tinubu in actualizing that Buhari becomes the president in 2015 (Watch Video).
He urged southwesterners to throw their weight behind Tinubu so we can achieve a common goal.

When asked about his rift with former Lagos State governor Akinwunmi Ambode , Mayegun said , there is no rift between them, he said Ambode is a senior party man, a member of his party whom he accorded much respect.

On Sanwo-Olu for second term, K1 said there is a structure on ground that brought in Sanwo-Olu, the structure will be the one to decide his 2nd coming but his performance so far and party relationship is fantastically okay and as such “I will support and endorse him for a 2nd term, he has done well based on the Lagos Agenda and template on how to make Lagos a megacity “.

It is also worthy of mentioning, the love King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal has for the Paramount ruler of Ijebuland Oba Sikiru Adetona, he said Adetona has done more than enough for the Ijebu race, he urged the good sons and daughters of Ijebu, especially Ijebu-Ode to look beyond coming for Ojude-Oba alone but come home to invest in the town so it can be attractive, he said that is the reason for creating.Mayegun Royal Ranch in the city.
On Bobrisky birthday party, K1 said “I am a musician and that is the source of my livelihood, I can play for anybody once the terms and conditions is fulfilled, regardless of her status, people from different sphere of life came to the party, will I because of her status not entertain them, NO ! Let’s stop putting sentiments to the things we do in this part of the world”.

On his new wife Emmanuella, the Fuji Messiah said ‘YES’ I have a new wife now and i think I deserve some accolades because it’s not an easy task for me as a musician with the caliber of females I meet everyday to have one wife at home but still I manage the home front, he referred the newsmen to King Solomon in the bible, K1 was able to defend himself on the need for the new wife (Watch the video).
Watch the video below for more revelations on K1



Credit : TheCityPulseNews

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