One of fast trending Juju artistes in Nigeria who’s basically bringing about a change in the industry is addressed to be Adeleke Adewale Agboola Oladigbolu, who’s popularly known to be LekeJummy has made a huge hit in the industry as he’s now recorded as the most called-on-stage artiste who brought about the interview with 1steleven9jatv.

Below is the interview in details;


1steleven9jatv : Can we meet you Sir?

Leke Orlando : Yes. I am Mr. Adeleke Adewale Agboola Oladigbolu. My stage name are Handsome Lekejummy De music guru. Most times, I have heard some of my fans address me as “De new orlando of our time” sequel to my genre of my music. I am happily married with beautiful children as God’s gifts to me. I’m a proud father of 4 beautiful queen who hails from the kingdom of Oyo State, but based in Lagos State, Nigeria where I play music in many big clubs in Lagos state, including stage play music and concerts.





1steleven9jatv : How long have you been doing Juju music?

Leke Orlando : This year will make it 21years on stage.



1steleven9jatv : So far so good, what can you say have been your challenges since you’ve started music?

Leke Orlando: Wow! There have been so many challenges on the path to success, but however God has been good, as when we were in trial times of nothing and being nobody, God stood by me till this very moment. There are times I usually seek out for help to get events to play, but now my personality is being called to play on stage constantly with a beautiful pay. Then, in all of my possible means, I will make sure to have friends in the community so as to be called to play on any rare and available events such as naming ceremony be looking by all means to have a friends like brother in d community so as to get paid and survive. In a short story, there was a time I had to become so close with a community friend who has a pregnant wife, because I know if peradventure I’m so close with him whenever his wife eventually gives birth, I will be called upon to make a live play, but however, when she got delivered of a baby, he insisted that he doesn’t wants to make it a noisy event but I was able to convince him and which he eventually paid the total amount of #3000 just to sing, and at the end of the event, I ended up in debt due to the minor funds that was sprayed like #50 and the likes but what keeps me going is the determination and focus I started with and all accolades to the Omnipotent for being there always.



1steleven9jatv : So, how would you describe the spirit of your music? Like what kind of spirit does your music speak out to your audience. Like how do they feel when they listen to your music?

Leke Orlando: Wow! Of a Truth, they feel great always, due to the fact that I’m a reliable musician, and I can say boldly that a huge number of my fans sing along my composed songs with me while performing, they feel entice with it and most times they celebrate my talents of being a good music writer, which makes me address my fans most times as “Fanatics” and “Die-Hard Fans”.



1steleven9jatv: Who’s your role model? And why did you choose him?

Leke Orlando: Lagbaja is my role model and I chose him because I love everything within him and because he’s a creative musician, I love his talents because I believe in creativity. And also, like my music is inclined, i like chief Dr Orlando owoh but I have created dancing beats on it, that’s why people address me more often now as “De new orlando”. It has been acceptable in the dancing clubs, most especially big clubs in the city of Lagos such as crescendo, rumours, District 10 lounge ad others.


1steleven9jatv: So, could we attain that Lagbaja is your role model or Orlando owoh?

Leke Orlando: Both of them are but preferably to me, I’d choose Lagbaja because his creativity is been from Fela style while my music also been created from Orlando owoh.


1steleven9jatv: So, what accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 5-10 years as a musician?

Leke Orlando: I will be a Grammy awards ceremonial musician. I will become one of the greatest musician in the world, not only in Nigeria because I’m certain my hard work will lead me there.


1steleven9jatv: So, What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with or are you looking forward to collaborating with?

Leke Orlando: My sincere wish is to collaborate with Wizkid but my management is contemplating on Olamide baddo or Qdot.


1steleven9jatv: So, if peradventure your audience are reacting negatively or being distracted during your performance, what would you do?

Leke Orlando: Smiles…I know my fans & my fans know me. If such happen, I will change the music immediately because I am used to dominating within the periods of time allocated to me to perform


1steleven9jatv: So, what’s your advise for the up-and-coming musicians who have passion for music and needs motivations.



Leke Orlando: Just Focus. They should not relent in their pursuit for challenges must come over their ways but they should all remain sane and focus to achieve their dreams, and they should keep praying continuously without cease.

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