Before now, a lot has been said about the closeness of these two talented actors, Lateef Adedimeji and Adebimpe Oyebade popularly known as Mo-bimpe. Rumour has it that they are both in love due to the fondness they display on social media, but they’ve never agreed neither did they deny the fact that they are dating. However, the role interpreters are finally set to legalize their love affair as the invitation cards for their wedding are already in circulation. In an exclusive interview with GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, Mo-bimpe spoke at length about their love and why she agreed to marry the superstar actor. Enjoy it.

What’s new about you?
The new thing about me that the media really do not know even though I once mentioned it in an interview is that I am engaged and  to be married soon.
Can you shed more light on your relationship with Lateef Adedimeji?
He’s my friend, family and a colleague.
We learnt that you guys are getting married soon?

From where? Who told you? {Laughed}. Why don’t you wait till we invite you first? {Laughing}. Well, you are right with that information, when the time comes, the members of the press will be invited. The official announcement will be made shortly because the wedding will be held here in Lagos before 2021 runs out.
How factual is the rumour that you are pregnant?

Well, Mo-bimpe can be pregnant tomorrow but as we speak right now, I am not pregnant.
What do you think might influence the rumour?

I don’t know, you know a lot of people just feel that when you are preparing for a wedding, they believe that you are doing that simply because you are pregnant. That’s the kind of society we are. They may think that why did he want to marry her if not pregnancy? You know how rumour mongers reason. In fact, that’s the comment I have been getting on my page. It is because she is pregnant that is why they came up with the wedding plans. For now, I am not pregnant.

Why did you choose to marry Lateef?
Because that is the way God planned it to be. You can’t predict what will happen in the next minute. I never thought of marrying a fellow entertainer.
Why did you change your mind?

Like I said earlier, that is the way God planned it.
Can you tell us how the love affair set in?
It is still the same God behind everything. Even till now, I don’t know the genesis of the story, all I know is that “e don happen”.

The first day he asked you out, what came to your mind and how did you feel?
It was just a normal chat. He is a playful guy. Even when you think he’s not serious about something, he actually means it. We have been friends for a long time and we are so close. The interview everyone is referring to, where I said I can’t marry my colleague was granted two years ago, I don’t know why people are bringing it up now.

Before the shoot of Adebimpe Omoba, were you guys dating?
Oh no! It was after that we started and it wasn’t immediately.  People have been saying that the film influenced our love which is not true. You guys will read our love story soon, we will release it for you.

How would your children cope when you both leave the house for location?
The thing is, nothing is impossible and the most important thing is understanding which we have. Everything will fall in place because we understand ourselves a lot, that’s why we are in love.

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