Popular Fuji star, King (Dr) Saheed Osupa is prepared on the track to make a remarkable and unique legacy as he kickstarts his exceptional UK Tour on the 19th October, 2023.


The Ibilè Wutang impacts in the music industry have been felt with his dynamic way of approaching music in a multi-dimensional manner.


The infectious energy of his Fuji music would be experienced in a gallery of listeners, as he shall be dishing out his exceptional music in a rich subculture manner.


The 2023 UK Tours is to showcase and make some of his exclusive music feasible to his fans at diaspora, and a means to endeavor the continued footprint of the Fuji music both home and abroad. The 2023 UK Tours under the promotion of Billyque Entertainment has it scheduled highlighted below;


Birmingham Thursday 19th, October, 2023

London Friday 20th, October, 2023

Sheffield Saturday 21st, October, 2023

Glasgow Sunday 22nd, October, 2023

London Thursday 26th, October, 2023

Manchester Friday 27th, October, 2023

London Saturday 28th, October, 2023


Oba Orin Saheed Osupa can be described as a legend with a vibrant rhythmic structure delivering music in passion and with a creative prowess.


Kindly stay tuned to our channels for further information as the tour unfolds.


Reach out to Billyque via his IG Page;



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