Former Labour Party presidential aspirant, Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, has accused the Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, of being hypocritical and engaging in unethical conduct. Joseph claimed that Obi, who has been hailed by some as a saint or a messiah, has been orchestrating wrongdoings but allowing others to take the blame for his actions.


Joseph alleged that Obi wrongfully stole his mandate in Asaba, Delta State, during the party’s primary election, and criticized Obi for now using the same guidelines that he broke during that primary to fight the system. Joseph referred to Obi as an opportunist who reaps where he did not sow and labeled him as tribalistic.


Joseph further claimed that Obi has not made significant contributions to Nigeria’s fights and struggles for a better nation, and accused him of supporting a rigged and corrupt system. Joseph also highlighted the internal crises within the Labour Party since Obi joined and accused him of supporting illegality and contempt of court.


Joseph emphasized that his support will be for Elder Apapa and the good people of Labour Party who are committed to self-cleansing the party from charcoal, referencing the allegations of forgery and illegal actions carried out by Obi’s cohorts in various constituencies.


According to his post on Facebook, “Dear Nigerians,I want to bring to your attention the true nature of Peter Obi, who some see as a saint or a messiah. It is a fallacy to believe in his righteousness. Recent events in the Labour Party should open your eyes to his cunning ways of speaking from both sides of his mouth, orchestrating wrongdoings but letting others take the blame while he stands aside as if he is innocent.


“Peter Obi wrongfully stole my mandate in Asaba through his machinery of Julius Abure, who brought him in just three days before the primary in Asaba, against the rules and guidelines of INEC. Now, Peter Obi and his cohorts are using the same guidelines to fight against the system they broke seven months ago in Asaba. This is karma catching up with evil people. It is unfortunate that Nigerians are putting their hope in a man who is corrupt and backs out when things do not favor him. Just a year ago, he was still in PDP until May 27th when he rushed to LP to cheat another young hopeful youth of Nigeria, seeing that majority of Nigerians are tilting towards the Labour Party.


“Peter Obi is an opportunist who always comes to reap where he did not sow, a typical tribal man. If you ask anyone in Nigeria about Peter Obi’s contribution to the fights and struggles for a better nation, no one can mention anything until now that he is running for President. Yet, he supports a rigged, corrupt, and greedy system of Julius Abure that got him into power and claims to want to cleanse Nigeria of corruption. Charity, they say, begins at home, but where is his charity? A house divided against itself cannot stand. Since Peter Obi joined LP, there have been constant crises. If we are to go by the way of excellence, then I am the rightful owner of the ticket he is fighting for right now, not him. But many gullible Nigerians who blindly support him without intellectual response attack personalities when issues go against their obedient leader, who himself is cunning, greedy, selfish, and heartless, and a man who is like a charcoal but calls others black.


“Abure has been suspended and removed for illegality, yet Peter Obi stands with illegality because he has benefited so much from it and even directed many of his illegal acts. Forgery has been committed to bring in Obi’s candidates in many constituencies, and the same was done in Lagos to give LP a candidate who cannot even express himself in Yoruba language, despite being a Yoruba man. What kind of leader is this?


“The same Asaba where atrocities were committed seven months ago was the same Asaba where they returned for another illegal NEC meeting presided over by the suspended Chairman of the Party and his cohorts. It is shameful that a man who wants to turn Nigeria anew continues to support illegality and contempt of court.


“So why do we blame Tinubu, Buhari, and Emefiele for defying court orders? Nigerians have not found a messiah yet because the mandate was never stolen, and the case in court, as I always say, is an elephant project. I will be here to see the end of it.


“My support will be for Elder Apapa and all the good people of LP. This is not about the other party or other forces; it is purely about self-cleansing the LP from the charcoal. May God bless the LP and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, he wrote.

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