Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, a former Presidential Aspirant under the Labour Party, has written an open letter to President-elect Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, congratulating him on his victory in the recently concluded Presidential election.


In the letter, Faduri expressed the belief that many Nigerians, especially youths, had hoped for a different individual to win the election. However, he acknowledged Senator Tinubu’s victory amidst the controversial election.


Faduri highlighted the need for the President-elect to prioritize the unity and peace of Nigerians, regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliations. He emphasized that a nation divided against itself cannot stand, and therefore, bringing Nigerians together is the first step towards smooth governance.


Faduri called on Senator Tinubu to urgently address the various challenges facing Nigerians, including the failed cash roll-out policy, the incessant fuel scarcity, inflation, and insecurity. He urged the President-elect to be mindful of how the world perceives Nigeria in his first 100 days in office, stating that his leadership will be tested on how he tackles these challenges.


Furthermore, Faduri reminded Senator Tinubu that he will be the President for all Nigerians, not just those who voted for him. He emphasized the need to guide and build Nigeria’s democracy, which has been through a lot in the last eight years, including a crumbling economy, the COVID-19 pandemic, kidnapping, insecurity, educational strikes, high unemployment, and police brutality.


Faduri is a leader of the Rescue Movement for New Nigeria, an independent social-political organization that aims to be a watchdog for checks and balances where needed and a voice for the voiceless Nigerian people home and abroad.


As Nigeria eagerly awaits the inauguration of its new President, the message from Faduri serves as a reminder of the enormous task ahead for Senator Tinubu to unite and transform the country.

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