Of truth, Okike Confidence, winner of the Classic Queen International 2022 is a beauty with brains. She exudes intelligence, charisma and beauty that makes her a paragon of beauty or say Goddess. In this exclusive chat with her she revealed her success journey into fame and glamour. Excepts…



Can We Meet You?


I am Okike Confidence, the Classic Queen international 2022 and the founder of Dovera Empire. I am from Ebonyi State and a 21 years old graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. I am a fashion designer, a creative model an entrepreneur coach. I am a rotaractor and I have a strong passion for service to humanity.



Can you tell us how your journey into pageantry started?


My journey into pageantry started off when I was 14, before then I had always wanted to be on the spotlight, I’ve loved community service and everything that had to do with the pageant and modeling industry even tho I had little idea but I just knew it was something I had a strong passion for and wanted to venture into.

I first contested in a pageant competition in Ebonyi in 2016 where I didn’t emerge, and 3 years later I contested for Miss University of Nigeria Nsukka where I emerged one of the winners. 2019 I also won 2 other competitions, Miss Funfair Nigeria Tourism and Miss Rotaract.


It has really been s journey, not entirely a smooth one but one that has been filled with God’s grace and strength. This year 2022 I emerged the winner of Classic Queen International, World wide, and I’m most grateful for God, my family and all my supporters for being a great part of this journey.



How did you feel emerging Miss classic Queem International 2022?


I feel really delighted to have emerged as the winner of CQI 2022. It’s a platform that has stood the test of time, one that has been of great impact to the society and a reputable one and it is a thing of joy to part of this family.



What stands you out among others?


I believe we are all wonderful and unique creatures, nobody is lesser because we are created specifically for our own purpose and pursuit. But I know that stands me out is the fact that I have trained and prepared myself all over and all over for this particular position. Over time I have equipped myself and have groomed this leadership qualities and the experiences I’ve gathered has helped me learn and unlearn.


I understand that being the queen is not just a crown, but a responsibility that calls for change,

and service to humanity.



What are your source of inspiration?


My main source of inspiration is the amazing talents and souls that are being wasted daily because of lack of knowledge, awareness and information. I want to be able to be a source of value and help to my community and Society at large. Overtime I have been giving back to society by creating a system that helps harness entrepreneurship skills and talents and grooming people in the fashion business and it’s been a great innovation and i will like to extend this to even the less privileged, to help them see the future ahead of them and equally equip them with what they need to survive.




What are the challenges and how did you overcome them?



It might seem glamorous being a beauty pageant winner, but it is a title that comes with so much responsibilities. So far the only challenge is being able to combine both academics, family, personal goals, other responsibilities as well as keeping in touch with the community. They are all time consuming and for a person like me that runs a fashion academy where I train and manage people, All these can be really draining at times. However, I have found out that keeping a clear perspective about what is important and knowing that I get to participate in making a difference in the lives of people, keeps me going and always will.


What’s the pet project you plan to work on as Classic Queen miss Africa?


My pet project would be Period poverty eradication and Vocational skill acquisition where I would visit different communities to pad every girl child there and create structures to equip youths with skills that’ll help them make an impact in the society

What’s the secret of your success?



The secret to my success is God and an expanded capacity.





Who is your mentor or role model in pageantry



I have been inspired by a lot of outstanding queens such as Queen Odillinna, Queen Dorcas Dienda, Queen Liana Okereke, But I would say I am most fascinated about Queen Mavis Aruma. She has a great and endearing personality and a beautiful soul. She is my role model.

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