In the contemporary world of music, one of Nigeria’s regular genres of music mostly classified and addressed as Fuji music has a lot of irregularities in it as it’s recorded that 90% of the Fuji musicians has refused to pay their band members their accumulated dues.

Some of the band members who has come in contact with explained in anonymity the difficulties he has in catering for his family as a result of the poor funds he is receiving under his anonymous band boss. In his words, he said ‘’Many of us are family members, but our respective band leaders in the fuji music has not been treating us well, as we’ve been surviving with the help of fans and friends to meet up with our responsibilities’’.

Sequel to all of this if proper intervention is not processed, indignantly might possible be the last resort to many years of the master-servant relationship in the music group, however it was recorded that some managers even left while some band members left as well due to poor remuneration.

In lieu of this article, it’s essential that the stakeholders of the industry should intervene as the welfarism of their young to grow band members are at stake; which resulted to the rhetorical question of ‘’HOW DO FUJI BAND MEMBERS CATER FOR THEIR FAMILY AND HOW POSSIBLE WILL IT BE TO SUSTAIN THEIR METABOLISM IF THEY ARE NOT BEEN PAID WELL?’’

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