In a bid to promote unity and love, amidst citizens of Nigeria both home and abroad, one of Nigeria’s Fuji Star, Fatai Akanbi Valentine has take it upon himself to plan a road show campaign for Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his presidency ambition for 2023.

He has made it known to the foreign residents that the purpose of the road show campaign is to build unity amidst the citizens of Nigeria both at home and in diaspora.

He said “there’s need for us all to witness the growth we all clamour for in our nation, Nigeria, and to bring that into existence, the necessity is necessary”.

Fatai Akanbi Valentine who’s the younger brother of Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere (Agbaakin Abobagunwa of Yorubaland) who has been a mentor to him, Valentine has also been into the music industry for a while and has recorded several successes and awards to his name. Also, KFA Valentine was recognized and recently crowned as Asiwaju Music Ambassador by a notable campaign group of Jagaban for 2023.

More details on the road show campaign will be up for all to read.

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