Fuji Star, Sir Shina Akaani has announced his greatest stage mount as he prepares to tour over 20 cities in the united states.

Sir Shina Akaani has been a legend in the fuji music and the entertainment industry at large, who has been meticulously lightening up the air with his music, in togetherness with his Fuji Scorpio. He has been a wonderful Fuji crooner to other legends and basically up-and-coming artistes who has set their eyes on him as their role model.

In full support from the S.G entertainment music and cultural promotions artist management, Sir Shina Akaani has however announced his 2022 USA world tour after several years of infeasibility. In a recent interview with him, he sang one of his favorites lyrics to expressed his feelings when asked of how he felt when the decisions of the world tour was announced to him, he said musically, “All thanks to God, even after several trials, misconceptions and underrating, God’s love still remains steadfast”.

The fuji star has promised to dish out hits after hits and has started working relentlessly to rebrand his kind of fuji music after being away for a while. Sir Shina Akaani has thus promised his fans to expect nothing but the best.

1steleven9jatv wishes him a beautiful comeback, and a safe fulfilling trip as he tours the world being a legend that he’s.

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