In the dynamic world of Fuji music, recent discussions sparked by a video from Olalekan Ayinde, the creator of the Abere Oro TV Facebook channel, have brought attention to the importance of cautious commentary within the Fuji community. The video in question questioned the actions of Wasiu Ayinde, who holds the prestigious title of Mayegun, in comparison to fellow artist Sule Alao Malaika. This prompted a response from Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Agboola, also known as SK Sensation, the National President of the Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), urging content creators to exercise prudence before delving into matters they may not fully understand.


Fuji music is more than just a genre; it is a cultural phenomenon deeply rooted in the traditions and history of the Yoruba people in Nigeria. The rivalry and camaraderie among Fuji artists are intricately woven into the fabric of the genre, with titles such as Mayegun carrying significant cultural weight.


Olalekan Ayinde’s Perspective :

In his video, Olalekan Ayinde expressed his admiration for Sule Alao Malaika’s generosity towards General Kollington during his recent health challenges. However, he raised questions about Wasiu Ayinde’s actions, considering his veteran status in the industry. While his intentions may have been to highlight potential areas for improvement, the video triggered a response from within the Fuji community.

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SK Sensation’s Response As FUMAN President : 

Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Agboola, popularly known as SK Sensation and the National President of FUMAN, took to another video to address the concerns raised by Olalekan Ayinde. He acknowledged the observations made by the content creator but cautioned against making statements without a comprehensive understanding of the nuances within the Fuji community. SK Sensation stressed the potential consequences of inciting discord among fans of different Fuji artists, emphasizing the need for content creators to exercise caution.

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The Importance of Context :

Fuji music is not just about the melodies and rhythms; it is a complex world with its own set of rules, traditions, and dynamics. Titles such as Mayegun come with responsibilities and expectations that may not always be apparent to those outside the industry. SK Sensation’s call for caution is a reminder that discussions around such matters should be approached with a deep understanding of the cultural and musical context.


The recent exchange between Olalekan Ayinde and SK Sensation, the National President of FUMAN, serves as a reminder of the delicate balance required when discussing matters within the Fuji community. While dialogue and critique are essential elements of any creative industry, it is crucial for content creators to tread carefully and be mindful of the potential implications of their words. In the spirit of unity and understanding, let us embrace a more cautious approach to discussing the rich tapestry of Fuji music and its esteemed artists.

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