Popular Fashion stylist, Toyin Lawani, has slammed former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode over the ill treatment his ex-wife, Precious had at the hands of her ex-husband

In a lengthy post on her Instagram, she went on a rampage on how the former minister had rebuked her choice of dressing but can’t make his house peaceful.

Recall that Precious, in a recent interview with ‘WithChude’ had opened up about how she was abused mentally and physically when she was married to FFK.
Precious claimed that she hasn’t been with her children for a year since she left the house.

Toyin in her post said FFK should release the children to their mother no matter the disagreements between himself and their mother.

She recounted how she felt bad because she couldn’t be with her child for five years when she was in America.

Toyin said, “See this Rubbish man, you can rant rubbish about me but can’t settle your home, busy torturing a mother, taking her 4kids away from her, not allowing her to see them for over a year, arresting the mother of your kids, pushing her to run around to one court or the other, heard you a bully that’s why everyone is not speaking up for her.

“It’s extremely sad everyone chooses to use their voice and platform for some kids and not for some cause of who and who is involved, see Mr, I sat down my own, you spoke about me.

“If you talk about me, I will talk about you, you no try, even if it’s under supervision let a mother see her kids, I don’t care what transpired between you people, drop that ego, drop that shoulder of yours and do the right thing ?????
“God knows I don’t know @snowhiteey and I hv never met her, but I have been crying for her.
“If someone stops me from seeing my kids I might hurt myself when I couldn’t see my ist child for 5years while she was in America.
“I was quite depressed, everyone didn’t know my pains but it wasn’t a good one, I missed out on so many important moments, like her ist period etc, not to talk of the tender age those 4kids are right now, they need their mother.”
She went further to urge mothers and women in general to support Precious so she can win the battle against FFK, especially for the sake of her children.

“Let’s all stand up and speak up for this lady, nothing wrong in doing so and people are calling out Bullies I’m wondering why your name is not number one on that list.
“If you are a mother and you know the pain of having kids pls tag every mother on this post to speak up for this lady,” she concluded.

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