Today, 15th March, 2022 is a glorious and memorable day in the life of astute business mogul and Oyo State National Coordinator, Sidophobia Fans Club, Alhaji Idowu Amoo, as the man of many parts graciously attained the golden age.

As the beautiful day brakes, the handsome dude have been receiving birthday greetings from friends, family, lovers and well-wishers.

Alhaji Amoo is one the core fans and loyalists of famous Fuji star, Agbaakin Abobagunwa Abass Akande Obesere, due to his great contributions to the growth of Obesere music, he was appointed as the National Coordinator by the Fuji Star, Sidophobia Fans Club, Oyo state chapter.

Happy Birthday sir, may you live to celebrate many years on earth with his goodness.


Long Life And Prosperity National Coordinator.

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