Nigeria has seen a huge increase in the number of musicians over the years, including songwriters, producers, sound engineers, and others. These musicians are excellent recorders and videographers like Clearance Peters, Director Q, TG Omori, Olu De Wave, Adasa Cookey, Daps, Unlimited LA, Sesan Ogunro, Mattmax, Dawa Thompson, Dammy Twitch and many more.

Because we are discussing the finest music producers in Nigeria today, let’s first study and comprehend what a music producer is and does and their charges for video shooting. These involves how much they collect for a video, chopping, editing and cross promotion for artist or singers.

On that note, we are going to find out within the post the amount of money each of them is charging an artist for a single production for music video. But today, we are going to focus on Clarence Peters and what it takes him to deliver a particular project.

Who is Clarence Peters (Biography of Video Editor)

Clarence Abiodun Peters Currently 38 years old, born in Ibadan Oyo State, is a script visualizer, video planner and editor, photographer, movie maker who goes by nickname “Clarence Shot it“. He’s major in shooting music video and spacious cinema episodes.

Clarence Peters became popular in the year 2014 and across 2015 after being charged with copyright violations in relation to a few of his music video endeavors. One among them was the claim that he imitated Tiwa Savage’s Asimamali video for the Eminado video.

Is Clarence Peters the Best Video Director in Nigeria?
Yes! One of the finest and best video directors in Nigeria, according to study is Clarence Peter. Other Nigerian video directors by the stage names Kenz, The Alien, Meji Alabi, Dawa Thompson, and others are some of his rivals.

As of 2015, Clarence Peters was charging 6 million naira for a musical video. This amount is equivalent to $10,000 US dollars. Though he accepts negotiations for bargaining of price to a lesser cost depending on the concept of song video because that determines how much does Clarence Peters charge for video shoot.

Is Clarence Peters the Highest Paid Video Director in Nigeria ?
Perhaps Clarences peter is the richest video editor in Nigeria. News surrounding his achievements are that he’s well paid per video he shoot and as for that Clarence Peters is also one of the Highest Paid Video Director in Nigeria.

people’s comments and their opinions on how much Clarence Peters charges for a video and current price update

Now you Know How Much Clarence Peter Collect for a video or charge Per shoot
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