Nollywood Actress, Eniola Odunsi also known as Pharadupson on Instagram has expressed her disappointment in some of her colleagues in the make believe industry, canvassing poor Nigerians especially the less educated ones to vote for certain politicians in the coming 2023 general elections.


The sexy actress described the movement as senseless and crazy. She said this in an exclusive interview with Gbolahan Adetayo, who asked about her views on some Nollywood actors engaging in all forms of unimaginable activities to campaign for politicians.


According to her, “seeing some of my Nollywood colleagues campaigning for politicians in 2023 is very shameful. Infact, I call it madness especially those campaigning for APC and PDP. That PDP played a vital role in bringing Nigeria to the level we are today might be nothing to write home about. The party produced 3 Presidents between 1999 and 2015, then the economy was still in good shape even though we weren’t pleased with it.


“The country began to sink after APC took over the power in 2015. Rats stop crying like rat, birds are no longer flying normal, even human beings couldn’t sound like one. This administration turned the whole system upside down, handed us over to hardship and pains.


“Its crazy seeing my industry people supporting such political Party that made you to be poor. I remembered the input of the entertainment industry in 2015 for this preaei government to take over but after resuming office, did any of them remember the entertainment industry? What did they do about piracy? How is the government supporting our business? Rather, they increased the payment for film censoring.


“Stop canvassing for people who did our industry no good, you are getting paid to use your fame to confuse innocent Nigerians to vote for them, after election you will return to your suffering.


“Either PDP,APC, Labour Party or whatever party, I am not interested in any. All I just want as a citizen of Nigeria, is a good governance. Direct or indirectly, we pay multiple tax in Nigeria with nothing to show for it from the government. Nigeria is the most difficult and expensive country to live now in the world.


My advise for Nigerians is to ignore those Nollywood actors and actresses telling them to vote APC or PDP, they have been paid to do so, vote your conscience. Those popular faces you see are liars and deceits, don’t change your mind because of them vote a wrong candidate that will put you in problem for another 8 years.


“Nollywood industry is full of hungry and shameless people. Rather than doing the right thing now for Nigeria to get better, they are using their selfish interest to campaign for a politician that will not see them again after winning the election.


“I even heard some of them claiming that they doing this and that because one politician has helped them financially when they were sick. My dear brothers and sisters, if you vote right, you won’t need any politician to help you pay your hospital bills when you are down.


“Ask yourself this question before you campaign for anyone as an actor. What if we have a film village in Nigeria? What happens to me if nobody is pirating my films? What if government pick interest in my industry by investing and protectinh us, how much would I keep in my account now? Your answer to these questions will absolutely give you a clearer picture of who to campaign or vote for. Be wise”, she said.

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