“Life depends on what you believe in”

Life is full of ups and downs and there is no natural justification for the events that shape one’s experience irrespective of the individual’s beliefs and spiritual practices. Even the “true” believers of God have their good and bad times. This is why it is improper to attach predicaments to a particular belief as they are spontaneous phenomenons that could happen to anyone.

An accident caused by break failure would have been simply averted if the vehicle was properly checked and examined before setting on the journey. Now, attaching such accidents to the illusion of some spiritual laggings somewhere; that, “that’s why such tragedy happened to the vehicle user(s)” can be misleading.

The concept of good and evil has no boundaries nor ties. Any of the two could happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone irrespective of beliefs and spiritual attachments.

It is an unarguable fact that there is a supernatural force (God), even though there are people who don’t believe in his existence. I am not a subscriber to the school of thought that says the world emanated from a bang. No…

Even as it is, if there was truly a bang, who made the bang? There would have been someone or something before the bang. A creator or series of events that led to it, because nothing really just happens without a reason, therefore, it is rational to say that a supernatural being is somewhere with the omniscient authority.

Moving forward and sticking to the fact that “Life depends on what you believe in”, juxtaposing it with the concept of good and evil; one would realize that many at times, the people we feel perpetrate evil and expect karma to catch up with usually live a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle after all, and vice versa.

Although, the reward for every deed according to some beliefs is in heaven.
This is why one needs to keep a positive belief at all times. Do not think because another person is a Muslim and you are not, automatically makes such a fellow to be deserving of karma for choosing a wrong religion or because such person doesn’t worship like you do , makes him or her a lesser human. Perhaps, ones service to humanity should lead.

Keeping a positive belief at all times is the key to a better understanding of which ever religion one practices. However, Proper understanding of your religion will balance your faith. You will neither be a fanatic nor unsophisticated.

One will neither be brainwashed to partake in religious wars under the guise of getting some phenomenal rewards in the hereafter nor be denied of some essential truth that are hidden in religion.

Irrespective of beliefs and religion, what I believe should come first is Love and Humanity.
Apparently, if the world puts Love first, there wouldn’t be religious, political and social misunderstanding.

When there is love, everyone would see one other as one, and the quest to save humanity will be relevant. Everyone would recognize one another through the bond that they are one and same and not from social, political or tribal point of view as we are humans first of all and that’s all that matters. We need one another to ensure the survival of humanity because “While in body and flesh, do all you can for the sake of humanity. It is that which you have done that will be used to remember you when your skull and bones are reduced to dust”.

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