Stefflon Don has finally let fans in on what culminated in her premature breakup with her Nigerian boyfriend Burna Boy.
I broke up with Burna Boy because he could not satisfy me in bed, he has ego and he’s jealous of Wizkid – Stefflon Don finally speaks

In a new post that will surely open a can of worms in the coming days, the British rapper and singer revealed that Burna Boy has big ego, albeit fragile which always created issues for them in the relationship.

Moreover, she said he could not satisfy her in bed. Beyond that, he was jealous of his compatriot Wizkid and could not accept the fact that he was bigger than him.

Her post has caused a huge stir online, see some reactions


If you want to talk to burna boy talk to him directly


Burna don yansh you finish. Abeg comot queue for the next one


When you were enjoying Odogwu alone, we didn’t hear your voice.. Go away from here!


lmao women are funny man. they say they moving on but they don’t act like it


Life is about living forward…. The past is done, can’t change anything, the only thing we should keep is the lessons we’ve learned (good or bad ones)

And you darling are way bigger than your past (or any association)


Na because of Odogwu you dey talk all this things
Don you can still go back to him

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