A 33-Year-Old man identified as Saifullah Mukhtar has shared his ‘sad’ story seventeen years after losing his sight at the age of 16. Mukhtar said his parents took him to see an Indian specialist who told them that he would never see again. He said he felt that was the end of the world, but when he realized that being visually impaired cannot hinder his dreams and aspirations in life, he took a bold step towards pursuing his career.



Mukhtar got admitted into the university and when he was done with his first degree, he enrolled for Masters. He said he recently got a job at Nigeria Airspace Management Agency. Mukhtar said he does not even know the siblings his parents gave birth to after him.


Saifullah Mukhtar who recently got married to a pretty Lady said he does not know how his wife looks like.


May the Miracle Working God visit Mukhtar in Jesus Name, Amen.



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