Actress Madam Saje from Nollywood has shared advice on how to have a happy marriage.

In a live Instagram chat, 66-year-old Madam Saje, who is married to one of her coworkers, Alhaji Rafiu Balogun, explained why she chose to stay even after her husband took a second wife on behalf of their children.

Since all men are the same, most married women remain in their marriages for the benefit of their offspring. Simply said, if you leave your children, you are setting them up for pain at the hands of another wife who will mistreat them. I personally cannot leave my kids even for a brief period of time. My second wife and I took care of our children while my husband had two spouses.

This is because this life is too short to be creating enmity for yourself.

I have been married since I was 18 years old”, these are parts of what has sustained my marriage.”

Interestingly, Madam Saje’s submission has sparked mixed reactions from her followers on social media.

One Grace Idowu responded saying “Patience, perseverance, peace, and love. Alongside ready to learn, madam Saje at 48 years in marriage will tell you she is still learning. Marriage is an institution you never graduated from… God help us all”

One Titi wrote “She made good points but this generation is different children see things differently now, is it wise for children to see their mother be unhappy to go where you are happy and wanted”

One Ajike disagreed saying “Sorry oo, you stayed in an abusive marriage because of your children? You forgot you can only take care of the children if you are alive and healthy? even if you don’t have money, if you are alive and healthy, you can take care of your children, BUT if you are dead? The children will SUFFER jooo, who will be like a mother to her children? Please pray for a blessed and good marriage/ partner too. I don’t care it’s monogamous or polygamous, God’s Grace is the best”

Gossipinfo news recall that in a recent interview with City People, veteran Yoruba actress Fausat Balogun, also known as Madam Saje, revealed why so many marriages in Nollywood, particularly in the Yoruba movie genre, are falling apart like dominoes.

As the most prominent senior Yoruba actress, Madam Saje began acting at the age of 10 under the guidance of her boss, Rafiu Balogun, whom she later wed at the age of 18 and who has given birth to lovely children.

When asked about her admiration by fans and whether they approach her as many actresses are approached after watching them on television, the Kwara State-born thespian responded, “Nobody has ever approached me; perhaps I wasn’t destined to have many toaster, last week at City People Corporate Office in Gbagada.

But to be frank with you, there is no how you will be in that
industry that such harassment won’t surface but it depends on you as a person.

Someone like me is now a big fish in that industry and there is
nothing you can do again than to face your job and the well-being of your children.

I pray for those who are facing challenges in their marriages today in the industry, may God almighty settle it for them.

When asked her opinion on why many Nollywood marriages are crashing
almost everytime, she said. “It is a bad thing to follow your
colleagues’ steps to define your own life.

If someone like me had tried that in the past, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today, and I always advise them that we came to this world with different purposes.

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