Yetunde Bakare has responded to her colleague Habibat Jinid.Information Guide Nigeria


Yetunde was reprimanded by Habitat for speaking negatively about her to others.



Yetunde said in an Instagram post that someone had lied about her to Jinad, prompting her to call Jinad to set the record straight.


Instead of moving on, Habibat reopened old wounds and portrayed her in a negative way.


Yetunde Bakare declared that she would be the more mature of the two for the sake of her son.


She made it obvious that she is not afraid of fights and does not avoid them, but for the sake of her son, she would overlook them.


“When I watch the video, I relaxed because I didn’t want to talk as I was angry. Habibat is talking about something that happened 4 years ago.


Something happened between us, someone told her that I said something and I called her and we spoke about it.


“I am not afraid of fights and I don’t run away from it.


Out of respect for my son, for the people around me and for the fact that I really know you, I decided to be the bigger person.


I have bought goods from us and you have bought from me”.


Habibat Jinad had previously resorted to Instagram to implore Yetunde to allow her to live for the sake of her son.JAMB Result


Jinad claims that Yetunde has defamed her and ruined her reputation by spreading false rumors.


She disclosed that many of people who had expressed interest in assisting and supporting her had been discouraged from doing so by Bakare and others.


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