Nollywood superstar, Yomi Fabiyi releases more evidences on Iyabo Ojo and several others on defamation as he writes…

See below:

Save for the grace of God, the Judge and proactive responses of the Senior Advocates of Nigeria in court that day(Dada Awosika & Babatunde Ogala), who argued against the application brought by Lagos State and argued my case, I would have been summoned(bench warrant) to answer to criminal charges that was never committed. Wickedly, some cursed have set some cursed in motion here in UK for an imminent protest to demand my removal from UK on the basis that I am wanted in Nigeria. This they planned with support of a supposed MOVIE ASSOCIATION. They all failed!

A clear-cut PERSECUTION for doing my job and fighting for Human Rights in Nigeria. I expect by now some honest investigative journalists who are deep rooted in rule of law, fairness, justice, crime and human rights to have watch movie on YouTube and report fairly, instead of jumping on half information just to hurt me. What a society and industry.

The NIGERIAN society need serious surgery on our education such that every child in Primary and Secondary schools will be duly raised with key values and ideas bothering on civil liberty, human rights, culture of sacrifice, honesty, duty of care, human rights, rule of law, fairness etc.

If these are added to the conventional subjects we have now, TRUE FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE with peace, development and security will birth in Nigeria. The only reason why Nigerians are not free is LACK OF STANDARD AND QUALITY EDUCATION within the majority of children and adults.

University degree or some positions cannot give the right knowledge except it forms part of training or upbringing. The leaders are the least of our problems. The main issue is everybody is feasting on the other to survive, too much ignorance amongst so called literates. Education and Security is the foundation Nigeria lack.


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