Delectable Islamic Nigerian singer, Monsurat Ajelero, popularly known as Akobi Esan, music runs in the family. One of her uncles was a musician and she learnt a lot about music from him.

1. She is from Egun in Badagry

2. She is a graduate of Public Administration Lagos state University

3. He started facing public crowd since 1999

4. He was former member a group called Ansar-Ud-Deen Youth Association of Nigeria (ADYAN).

5. She released her first album 2009.

6. She has collaborated with Alhaji Kabiru Alayande Ereasalatu and Alhaji Abdulasam Azeez Abiodun Saoty Arewa.

7. Her most successful and hit album is Ramadan that she did with Saoty Arewa

8. She has 10 albums to her credit.

9. Her unique selling point is her sonorous voice.

10. She learned the trade of music from her uncle who was a popular musician.


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