Nollywood actress and producer, Eniola Ajao is set to produce one of the biggest movies ever made from the Yoruba part of Nollywood.


The epic movie titled, Ajalara (Beast of Two Worlds) will be directed by highly respected directors, Adebayo Tijani and Odunlade Adekola.
To be shot in Oyo State, Ajalara will feature notable actors such as Bimbo Akintola, Sola Sobowale, Odunlade Adekola, Lateef Adedimeji, Faithia Williams, Mercy Aigbe, Eniola Ajao herself , Ibraheem Chatta and many others.
Ajalara is the story of a powerful lady, Ajalara, who is both human and an animal. She bestrode the forest at night, making lives difficult for hunters, killing and maiming some of them. She destroys crops and cripples the economy of the town.
The king, Towobola went into the forest to confront Ajalara, after an epic battle, the king and Ajalara reached a part to marry each other with the hope that Ajalara would bear male children as all kids borne for the kings are females.
True to hope, Ajalara gave birth to a son but threw the boy, who is now the hope of continuation of the lineage of the king into fire.
The move led to twists and turns that made the plots of the movie entertaining, daring and suspense-filled.
To be shot by Idowu Adedapo, the man who shot Wedding Party, King of Boys (1), Chief Daddy, Dear Affy, Oloture, and many other notable movies.
Speaking of the movie, Eniola said she is trying to push the envelope and walk the path of greatness as the Yoruba part of the industry should also be known for great projects.
‘I dare to dream of Ajalara, I want our industry to sit among the elites in Nollywood.
We should not be known for only small budget movies and small-productions.
We can do bigger productions that can sit on the same tables with some of the best works ever produced from any part of Nollywood.
We want to raise the bar, tell a story that is daring and put a noticeable mark on the Nollywood map.
People will like this movie, they will be proud of Nollywood as we are not holding anything back. We take everything’ she said.
Sodiq Adebayo, the production manager of the movie said the team working on Ajalara is one of the best in the industry.
‘We have put together a team of professionals who are very committed to excellence and have a track record of greatness.
Look at our DOP, Sound guys, production management team, light guys and other departments, you will be able to readily tell that we are intentional about making a great movie.
This movie will definitely go down in history as one of the best ever made’.
Principal photography of Ajalara will start on the 22nd of July in Oyo, the pace setter state.

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