Hakeem Olageshin, the executive producer of Lugard, has said his desire is to go the long haul for movie production in Nollywood

‘My journey into Nollywood will not be a flash in the pan. I intend for me and my company. 3 Knights Film to be here for a long time. 


Our goal is to make timeless movies that deal with issues, are entertaining and can become reference points in the industry. 


I know many want to make money in this industry, I also want the same thing but this is more than money to me. I want to disrupt the existing order, contribute my quota and add my name and that of my company to the names of those who move Nollywood forward. 


This informed my decision to invest in and produce the movie, Luagrd. It’s a major exposee on cultism with major actors as leading figures. 



This is my first movie, but it will be the first of many’ Hakeem Olageshin said. 


The movie which was produced by 3 Knights Film in conjunction with B5Films and Monomania Entertainment talks about the need to educate youths of today on the dangers of joining different confraternities in the universities.

The movie is the story of an intelligent new entrant in a university who was initiated into cultism due to his intimidating brainpower. 


After his first assignment which led to the death of a rival confraternity leader, Lugard’s life is being hunted.


In a press release by The Hype Agency, the promoters of Lugard said the audience are in for a period of entertainment come January. 


‘This is a very entertaining flick, it was made with purpose and entertainment in mind’.  


To be distributed by Silverbird Distribution, Lugard boasts of an ensemble of stellar cast. 

It stars a stellar ensemble of A-list actors like Gabriel Afolayan , Kehinde Bankole, . Zack Orji, Norbert Young, Kalu Ikeagwu, Debo Adebayo (Mr. Macaroni), Rotimi Salami, Omowunmi Dada, Chinyere Wilfred, Adeniyi Johnson, Hafeez Oyetoro (Saka), Laduba Quadri Qidad, Tunji Adeyemo among others.

It is produced by veteran Nollywood producer Lekan Ayinde and directed by Tunde Olaoye.


Scheduled for cinema release nationwide from January 13, Lugard will be among new sets of films to open the box office race come 2023.


Hakeem is a US based Nigerian filmmaker who grew up in Nigeria but now works and lives in the United state. 

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