Lagos State National Union Of Road and Transport Workers (NURTW) executive, Alhaji Ganiyu Oyedepo, popularly known as Koko Zaria has been exposed by her daughter.



Kaosara Omolabake Oyedepo, Koko Zaria’s first child is seemingly angry with her father and has taken to her Instagram stories to open his can of worms.


She wrote; “The fact that you are a deadbeat dad is nothing because everyone knows that from day one that’s how you are, how could you be so wicked and cruel to me.”


“I love you so so much, today I regretted you being called my father, am your first child everyone knows that but I don’t give a fuck about it anyways, but at least act like a dad for once in my life today.”


“You just showed how heartless you are, you blocked so many ways for me because of your ways lol. I have you and you hurt me everytime I never said anything about it not for once but today you just showed how much you wish you never had me.”


“Until my mum called him when I almost died that was when he came true for me. That man hurt me so much, I just wish he never expose me to the world, as his daughter my life would be so much better, he makes people believe he love me and takes care of me, pay my bills, send me to school and all but he never did shit.”


“So, if some of y’all follow me because of him unfollow please, that guy he’s my worse nightmare. I wish I can talk about what happened. Y’all be clapping on the internet y’all don’t know him.”


“If y’all think Zaria is taking care of me, y’all wyning yourself, I take care of myself I just want to clear the world I don’t use his surname again anyways. Zaria is a bad person, he fucked with my life so bad, I wish I can say it all. Period!!!”



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