Here is a simple question for those procured individuals who go on AIT and other biased platforms to talk trash.

When both PDP and APC chose their National Chairman from the North ahead of 2023, did they also imagine that their 2023 Presidential Candidate could emerge from the same North?

If their answer to the above question is “Yes”, had it been the case since 1999 at least that both National Chairman and Presidential Candidate of any party came from South or North, thereby rendering the other onlookers in political leadership of the country?

If the answer to my first question is “No”, what is the justification for throwing the presidential primaries of both parties open to North and South, when their National Chairmanship positions had been specifically zoned to the North?

Nigerians must teach both PDP and APC one lesson in 2023, and that lesson is that dishonour does not always pay the dishonourable. Both PDP and APC have proved dishonourable on the question of 2023 Presidency of Nigeria.

That lesson should be taught them even if they ended up choosing their Presidential Candidate from the South, which would mean that, as in all 419 cases, they collected presidential expression of interest and nomination forms from Northerners on false pretenses.

The worst of all their 2023 atrocities would be if they ended up using their advantage of a Northern National Chairman to foist a Northern Presidential Candidate on their party.

In either case, especially the second scenario, Southern Nigerians should punish the dishonour by rejecting both PDP and APC in the 2023 presidential general election and voting for a Presidential Candidate of Southern (particularly South-Eastern) extraction on any other party platform, however small that third party platform may be today.

Outside PDP and APC, there are still 16 political parties currently recognised by INEC, each of them entitled to present a presidential candidate in 2023.

PDP and APC must be punished for taking Nigerians for granted. Over 80% of Nigerians want a South-Easterner to succeed President Buhari, but both PDP and APC are toying with that legitimate desire of Nigerians.

For that dishonourable and unpatriotic attitude of the twin-parties, I call on Nigerians to punish them by rejecting them at the polls. It takes just a presidential electoral victory for even the smallest party today to become the biggest party tomorrow.

Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu,
Presidential Aspirant,
Jideofo 2023 Presidential Campaign Movement.

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