Genesis as he’s fondly called is the most senior evangelist of Genesis Global, a leader, a preacher, and a teacher with the charismatic and apostolic endowment.


Though he may look small in stature, he has a big maturity and is spiritually blessed with wisdom and knowledge from above.

The God’s General Prophet Israel Ogundipe better known as “Genesis” hails from Igboore, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He was born without a silver spoon, he was initially called Wasiu, because of his Muslim background before his parents gave their lives to Christ.

His parent who are now deacons and deaconesses remain his major asset in the vineyard

Despite his humble beginning, he did not allow his background to put his back on the ground, let alone determine his destination in life.

He became who he is today through personal development and growth to the glory of God.

Popular and respected Lagos prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe is the presiding shepherd of Genesis Global the largest and fastest-growing interdenominational Church in the world with over 10,000 members, including Muslims as congregation members across the globe in two services.

Prophet Isreal Ogindipe aka Genesis, however, felicitates with Muslim brothers and sisters Across the world who are celebrating salah, he also teaches the mechanism of Change in the way so-called Christians perceived and condemned Muslims forgetting the same God created all human beings.

He also urges all Muslim brothers and sisters who live far and near to take, use of this season of their Salah Celebrations to embrace peace and unity in Nigeria, especially those living in the Northern part of the Country.

The televangelist prophet Israel is fondly called ‘Genesis’ he is the founder and president of Genesis leadership academy.

The academy was founded in November 2012 ten years ago and offers basic and advanced certificate courses in leadership. Today the school has graduated seven sets of over 1,500 students.

Genesis remained an author and a publisher who has published several Christian motivational books, added to his achievement he has won several merit Awards as best Clergy, motivational speaker, and resourceful teacher of God’s words.


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