Nollywood veteran actress, Idowu Philip who is well known as Mama Rainbow, has recounted how her son almost made her to undergo a witchcraft initiation.


The sensational 80-year-old actress during an interview with Daily trust news medium, said she started life as a prophetess but struggled financially in the beginning of her profession.


Mama Rainbow said that it became worse more when her husband, Femi passed away a few years after their wedding, leaving her to care for their children.


Mama Rainbow continued that it was at this point, that her son, who firstly disagreed with her religious views, then persuaded her to become a witch so they could become wealthy, and she adhered.

Meanwhile, when he got to the initiation site and saw the amount she had to pay, he stopped her out of it.


The actress said;

“It was tough; after prayers, some of them would always cry. Whenever one of my sons saw me with a Bible he would ask what I was doing with it. At a point, he said he would take me to where I could become a witch and I agreed. He said that once I became a witch we would be okay.


“I agreed and he took me somewhere, but before God and man, when I got there and they told me the requirements, I was shocked. They said it was the child I loved the most that would be used for sacrifice.


“I told the person that it was the child I loved most that brought me to the place. At that point, my son held my hand and said it was time to go home.”



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