Days ushering in the Eid Mubarak in Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos, can be likened to the biblical passage where rain of manners fell so much that the Israelites had enough to feed themselves. Same happened recently where people had enough to share and take way.
The popular Lagos-based philanthropic Amb. Dr Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo, the executive chairman of Kazeem Royal Properties and Kazeem Royal Football Club, as usual, during special celebrations, would ensure that smiles fill the cheeks of many. From nooks and crannies of Lagos, people had gathered at the usual venue, popularly known as Cash Wash, to take part in the food item sharing, rams and cash gifts.
Before now, the Okanlomo of Yorubaland, as some prefer to call him, had continued to spread love among the people and ensured the less privileged felt his presence. His greatest happiness has always been that God has used and will continue to use him to lift the weak up. For him, he derives so much joy in helping anyone regardless of colour or affiliations. Little wonder he has been severally honoured with both local and international humanitarian awards.
Meanwhile, prior to the ‘Ileya celebrations’, he had promised that he would be helping many families as possible to celebrate the festival in a joyful mood. And he kept to his promise. On July 18, 2021, two days before Ileya, it was like mannas falling from the heavens. The lanky Prince didn’t even think how much it would cost him to purchase hundreds of bags of rice and give one person each, given the economic downturn in the country as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.
Buses loaded gallons of groundnut oil, rice, huge rams, and other items to be available in bulk in order to be enough for widows, single mothers, aged men and women, youth and little ones who came around happily for the sharing.
During the course of distribution, a lot of beneficiaries thanked Dr. Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo for making the celebration worthwhile.
A female beneficiary, who is a nursing mother, while receiving a huge ram costing almost N200,000 prayed that no matter how long the Prince lives on earth, he would never no loss and poverty.
A male beneficiary also expressed how happy he was to have been part of the manna sharing gathering.
Another female beneficiary, who was a little bit scared at the hugeness of the ram, found words difficult to express herself, but she managed to also thank the Manchester United fan.
As if that was not enough, Prince Kazeem did another wonder on the Ileya Day. Having instructed that enough cows be slaughtered and abundant food be prepared, hundreds of people who came on that fateful day ate to stupor and still took away.
Also, the Prince dashed out cash gifts to the less privileged to take care of their family. The whole of Osapa London throughout the Sallah week bubbled and enclosed with giveaways, fun, happy mood and love.
To be continued…

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