‘Otoge’ CEO, Toyin Olibale (left) with K1 de Ultimate on the

The marketing of a popular herbal drink, ‘Otoge Herbal Bitters’, received a boost last weekend in Lagos. King of Fuji music, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, gave his open endorsement for the bitters at a public function in Ogun State, Nigeria.
Otoge Herbal Bitters, made of two unique types of alcoholic and nonalcoholic sources with roots in meticulously researched traditional plants, is produced by Mrs. Toyin Mariam Olibale, an Owo, Ondo State hailed former banker.

K1, performing at the first anniversary of Gizorin Hotel, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, did not just promote Otoge bitters, he equally acknowledged before the audience Olibale’s rare feat as one of the women making a difference in a men’s world. For this alone, K1 voiced, Otoge Herbal Bitters should be patronized by men and women who are hardworking.
“Hardworking men and women, Otoge Herbal Bitters is their secret,” crooned K1, while he also spared his time to share to the crowd free bottles of the product.

Otoge Herbal Bitters health benefits include but not limited to improving free blood circulation in the body, affirmed Olibale during a chat. “It is anti-malaria, anti-fever and, primarily, it stimulates sexual desires as well as working effectively to remedy backaches, body pains, pile, irregular menstruation and more,” she added.

Olibale stated that the two products on her stable, ‘Otoge’ bitters and ‘Otoge’ gin flavoured spirit drink, are carefully produced to meet the health needs of buyers, noting that investigations conducted on the streets confirmed the product’s acceptability among the people, which validate its proven medicinal values.

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