Renowned music sensation, King Dr. Saheed Akorede Ayinla Babatunde Okunola, popularly known as King Saheed Osupa, added another chapter to his illustrious career last week with a commendable act that highlighted his mentorship of young, aspiring Fuji artists.


In a widely circulated video on social media, the philosophical singer, also known as “Oba Orin,” was seen graciously guiding his proteges, who are following in his footsteps in the music industry. The Ibadan Fuji legend displayed genuine affection for his mentees by inviting them to his opulent residence in Lekki.

In the video, Oba Orin provided not only words of encouragement but also shared his wisdom, offering invaluable insights on how these up-and-coming artists can elevate their craft and lead meaningful lives in their chosen career.

Furthermore, Mandator, as he is also known, made a promising commitment to make himself readily available to impart musical knowledge and technical expertise to his proteges. Osupa’s actions exemplify the love and character expected from a great leader.

As mentioned earlier, Oba Orin’s recent actions once again demonstrate his dedication to helping his followers succeed in their chosen careers. Such actions are truly deserving of commendation and praise.


I take this opportunity to urge Osupa’s proteges not to view this as a fleeting social media moment. They should recognize it as a golden opportunity and express their gratitude for having a leader who genuinely desires their success. They should seize the chance created for them by King Dr. Saheed Osupa to enhance their skills and draw from the vast well of wisdom he posses.

To other Fuji leaders, they should take a page from Osupa’s book and support aspiring singers who look up to them whenever the opportunity arises. They should extend a helping hand to these budding talents whenever possible.


On this note, I salute King Dr. Saheed Osupa for his exceptional character and wish that God continues to bless and prosper all his endeavors.

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