1steleven9jatv.com got a clue on Wednesday that Mustapha Olorunfemi is handpicked to replace Sanwo-Olu in 2023.

Mustapha Olorunfemi has raised the curiocity of many to know about his credentials as the anointed candidate of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the strongman of Lagos politics.

“Strong indications have emerged that Governor Sanwo-Olu has been replaced by Mustapha Olorunfemi ahead of 2023,” this newspaper paper added in the report.

According to rumors, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the most powerful man in Lagos politics, has chosen Mustapha Olorunfemi as his candidate for the 2023 elections, the report said.

According to a source who talked to ENigeria Newspaper, Sanwo-Olu, who has been playing the loyalty card to Tinubu, “may have been taught the hard lesson of politics after all” and after experiencing firsthand the political fate of his predecessor, Akinwunmi Ambode, he may also be a victim as well.

Governor Sanwo-Olu and his advisers have yet to officially deny the story since it was published on Wednesday afternoon. Unlike their typical style, no press statement has been published, and no reaction has been issued, yet Mustapha Olurunfemi’s biography and profile are gradually dominating Google searches, according to search criteria evaluated by 1steleven9jatv.com.

So who is Mustapha Olorunfemi? to answer the popular question? 1steleven9jatv.com has prepared some quick information about him.

1. He is a civil servant with wealth of experience in civil service
2. He is married
3. As par the civil service code he has managed to maintain very low profile
4. HE is not a career politician
5. He has no political structure
6. Tinubu love rooting out men like Mustapha Olorunfemi to help them build political structure
7. He operates no known social media accounts known to the public
8. He is a former permanent secretary and career civil servant
9. He retired from Lagos civil service as permanent secretary
10.His net worth is unknown

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