Singer Harrysong has claimed that his ex-girlfriend lied that she had twin babies for him.

Recall in 2017, report confirmed that the singer and an Abuja-based lady welcomed a set of twins (a boy and girl) at a hospital in Beverly Hills, California. The pair even went ahead to name the baby boy ‘Perez’ while the baby girl was christened ‘Tarela’.

Taking to his Instagram story this evening to address what could be described as “paternity fraud,” Harrysong said his ex-girlfriend lied that she had twins for him just to extort him. 

He also clarified that he has only one child, a baby girl named Daviva with his wife, Alexer Perez Gopa. He wrote: Addressing this issue.

 I’m not baba twins or daddy ejima. There was never any twins anywhere. That lady never gave birth, she lied and was just eating my money. My first child is Daviva.

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