Prince Kazeem Eletu


One of the rare creatures God has gifted this world is this silent philanthropic and humanitarian being whose has solely devoted his life to serving humanity. He still remains Amb. Dr. Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo, the chairman of Kazeem Royal Properties.

Asides being a business tycoon, he is also a talent builder and sports lover, he owns the Prince Kazeem Eletu Football Academy that has been performing excellently well in Nigeria. Five players from the team signed with one of the biggest clubs in Morocco recently.

Yesterday, Wednesday, while receiving a group of vibrant youth from Congress Of Nigerian Youth, who came to present him an award for being a worthy role model for the youth and his huge philanthropic gestures, in his Lekki Mansion, the chairman of Prince Kazeem Eletu Foundation, reiterated that his major mission in life to serve humanity in order to ensure a larger number of people are positively impacted.

While making an example of someone who has silently served and still serving humanity to a greater course, he mentioned no other person than his mentor, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. “You will notice is picture is flooded around my house. It is because we both have the same mission in life. He is my role model too as you youth are looking up to me as well.”

According to him, life is very simple for those that understand it. All you have to do is to understand the purpose why you were even created. Forget about your brother or sister or parents, on the day of judgement, you alone will be accounted for your what you were sent to do and failed to do.”

He, however, spoke on leaving a good legacy; saying after more than four decades that his father had died, “not single person has said a bad thing about him. That is the kind of legacy I want to leave behind for my children.”

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